Everyone has always wanted to try being « in the shoes » of his favourite heroes from the Antiquity and / or the Middle Ages, to wear the typical outfit and weapons of that era, and to feel, even for a moment, like being part of the great events that shook time, as described by the chroniclers and ancient historians.

At the Historical Park, visitors and history lovers could experience their moment of history and fulfill their hearts with greatness, pride, and valor. With the help of natural sceneries and among realistic buildings relate to the Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages, refined with the finest details, everyone will be able to create memorable pictures. The unique outfits offered by us include full sets of clothes and accessories. They were created with natural fabrics and materials, according to the technology used by the Ancient inhabitants of the Bulgarian lands.

Turn your dream into reality. Experience your epic historical adventure now.

The attraction is suitable for visitors over 8 years of age and requires time to be ready. The price is 25 leva for dressing one set of clothes (from one era).

IMPORTANT: All outdoor attractions may be affected by the weather or other conditions on site. We recommend that you confirm by phone the presence of the attraction on the day of the visit and ask for your understanding if the conditions change during the visit and that you might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.