Sugestii pentru tine

Open lessons

With this activity, students with diverse interests can increase their general culture and knowledge of history, archaeology, arts, ancient crafts, way of life and customs. Historical Park, as the "winner" of the prestigious award "№1 Site  for Cultural-Historical, Educational and Children's Tourism" combines knowledge and culture, combined with useful, pleasant and recreational learning. By 2021, this is the largest and first cultural and historical complex of its kind, on whose territory are located over 22 unique, real-size buildings from different historical eras, which were build with endless hours of human effort and authentic building materials such as: marble, stone , wood, steel, bronze and copper.

The built material base and the cultural and educational events held by the Historical Park are also used to increase the qualification and knowledge of teachers in different disciplines.

Working in close cooperation with the scientific community in Bulgaria and abroad, we organise thematic and specialised classes with renowned lecturers and specialists in their field. With their experience and knowledge, they contribute to raising the qualification of the teachers in the respective subjects. Some of the names we work with are: Professor Ivan Marazov, Professor Hitko Vachev, Professor Margarita Vaklinova, Prof. Aksinia Dzhurova and the artists Veselin Chakarov and Miroslav Yotov.

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